Womens Health Night

Womens’ Health Night
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Special Keynote Speaker!

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer challenged the all-male tradition of the Boston Marathon and became the first woman to officially enter and run the event. Her entry created an uproar and worldwide notoriety when a race official tried to forcibly remove her from the competition. The photo of this confrontation became one of Time-Life’s “100 Photos that changed the World.”

Kathrine is an accomplished author, television commentator, and marathon runner. She was instrumental in introducing the sport of running to women around the globe through her Avon Racing Series, and revolutionized cultural thinking about women in sports. Because of her, millions of women have been empowered by the simple act of running. To learn more about Kathrine, click here.

Women’s Health Night Schedule

  • 3:00p.m. Doors Open
  • 4:00p.m. Fun Run with Kathrine [Register for a chance to run below]
  • 5:30p.m. The Gale Keeran Nursing Scholarship Presentation
  • 5:45p.m. Keynote Speech by Kathrine Switzer
  • 7:00p.m. Book Signing with Kathrine Switzer
  • 8:00p.m. Event Closed

Register for a chance to run with iconic figure Kathrine Switzer! The Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation is partnering with Fleet Feet to present a Fun Run with Kathrine Switzer. Kathrine will be leading this leisurely 1.5 mile run, so don’t miss a chance to run with a legend. Click the link below to register for the event.



Contact us if you're interested in helping us sponsor this fantastic event.


In the spirit of keeping the event free and available to those of all income levels, sales of products or services at the Women’s Health Night is not allowed, however, many businesses do choose to offer coupons or discounts that may be used at a later visit to their facilities.

Here's a current list of our booths:

  • Advanced Rehab and Sports Medicine
  • Advocate BroMenn Hospital
  • All About Eyes
  • Bloomington Cycle and Fitness
  • Bloomington-Normal Audiology
  • Bly Chiropractic
  • Champaign-Urbana Public Health District IL Breast and
  • Cervical Cancer Program
  • Community Cancer Center
  • Cortese Foot and Ankle Clinic, P.C.
  • Downtown Bloomington Association
  • Fleet Feet
  • Ft. Jesse Imaging and Gale Keeran Center for Women
  • Gold’s Gym Family
  • Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates
  • It Works
  • Julie Dostal, R.D.
  • McLean County Center for Human Services
  • Mid-Illinois Hematology & Oncology Associates
  • OSF St. Joseph Medical Center
  • Pink Partners of the Community Cancer Center
  • Susan G. Komen
  • The VEIN Specialists
  • Trinity Home and Medical Equipment
  • YWCA

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First held in 2001, 500 women attended the annual event. Women’s Health Night has grown to be the largest free Community Health Fair in McLean County with over 2,000 women and men attending. It was the first major project of the newly-formed Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation and remains a focus of the Foundation’s current efforts to provide education and resources to improve the health of the community.

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Photo from 1967 Boston Marathon courtesy of Corbis

Photo of Kathrine Switzer courtesy of Joan Barker Images

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