2014 Womens Health Night
Womens Health Night

Chef Ryan HutmacherWomens’ Health Night

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Tuesday, April 8
3:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
ISU Bone Student Center

The 16th Annual women’s health night will be held April 8 at the ISU Bone Center. The previous Womens' Health Night was a huge success, see our photo wrap-up here.

Keynote Speaker

The Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation is excited to announce that Ryan Hutmacher will be the keynote speaker for Women’s Health Night 2014. Chef Ryan is a former Illinois State University graduate who used food, nutrition, and exercise to transform his life ten years ago after struggling with weight management.

At 24, Chef Ryan was overweight, pre-Type-2 diabetic, had asthma, and was on the cusp of anti-depressants, blood pressure and cholesterol medications. He decided that something had to change, and in an effort to rekindle his passion for life, he enrolled in culinary school at Chicago’s Kendall College. Soon after Chef Ryan moved to France to study cooking, and the experience changed his understanding of food and its implications for his own health. Chef Ryan decided to use food, nutrition, and exercise to transform his life. He began endurance training and it radically improved his physical, mental, and emotional state.

In 2005, Chef Ryan co-founded Centered Chef, which is a culinary studio in Chicago, Illinois where clean eating experiences are integrated into both social and educational platforms. Chef Ryan educates individuals on utilizing whole foods and buying locally whenever possible. He wants those he educates to create a deeper connection with the foods they eat, and he hopes to inspire others to become healthy through food and exercise.

Chef Ryan, of the Centered Chef, has appeared on numerous television shows, including CBS, WGN, NBC, FOX, and most recently ABC’s The CHEW's Search for the Weight Watchers Chef.


The goal of Women’s Health Night is to provide as many free educational opportunities as possible at no charge to the community. Participation from both Advocate BroMenn Medical Center and OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, as well as local health related businesses. This we have for you:

  • Health screenings
  • Over 80 Booths by local health-related businesses
  • Interactive Fitness Demonstrations
  • Gold's gymPresentations by physicians and other health care providers
  • Make sure to fill out a health evaluation at the event for a chance to WIN A TREADMILL courtesy of Gold's Gym.

Free Health Screenings

  • Glucose
  • Bone Density
  • Blood Pressure
  • Skin Cancer Screening
  • Non-fasting Cholesterol
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Health Screenings for Small Businesses

There are over 1,000 businesses in McLean County with 50 or fewer employees. Small business owners recognize the importance of keeping their employees healthy, as the smaller the number of employees, the greater the impact poor health can have on the staff. Sick employees are a major cost to small business owners in the form of lost productivity and health care costs. Conversely, healthy employees are less likely to miss work, are more productive, and produce higher quality work.

Many small business owners in McLean County have instituted wellness programs, such as We Choose Health, to create healthy workplaces. However, many of these institutions cannot afford to host a health night for their employees. The Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation has recognized the need for a small business expo in McLean County, and would like to invite all small business employees to our 16th Annual Women’s Health Night.

Women’s Health Night is a collaborative health exposition created to improve the health, and well-being, of the McLean County community. While the event is geared toward women, it is free and open to the public. Participants are encouraged to take part in free, onsite health screenings; fitness demonstrations; and speak with numerous health care providers, health care and social service agencies, and community organizations.

This year, the Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation would like to invite small business employees to attend this event to serve as an opportunity to enhance wellness in the workplace. Employees may partake in our non-fasting health screenings which include:

  • Glucose
  • Bone Density
  • Blood Pressure
  • Non-Fasting Cholesterol
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

If you are an employer interested in having your small business employee participate in Women’s Health Night screenings, please click here.

Presentations & Demonstrations:

4:00 Yoga Rocks
5:00 Zumba Gold
5:30 WERQ Hip-Hop Dance
6:15 Spirit of Success Nursing Scholarship Presentation
6:30 Keynote speaker: Chef Ryan Hutmacher

American Red Cross Blood Drive

12:30 - 5:30 P.M.
Bone Student Center Founder's Suite


Contact us if you're interested in helping us sponsor this fantastic event.

Booth sponsors:

In the spirit of keeping the event free and available to those of all income levels, sales of products or services at the Women’s Health Night is not allowed, however, many businesses do choose to offer coupons or discounts that may be used at a later visit to their facilities.

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First held in 2001, 500 women attended the annual event. Women’s Health Night has grown to be the largest free Community Health Fair in McLean County with over 2,000 women and men attending. It was the first major project of the newly-formed Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation and remains a focus of the Foundation’s current efforts to provide education and resources to improve the health of the community.

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“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” Anne Wilson Schaef